Shilpa Mishra

Strategic Leader

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Shilpa is a dedicated and accomplished people manager with over 11+ years of expertise in leading and developing teams. She has been associated with start-ups, mid-size and high growth organizations in various sectors of industry. She possesses a strong track record of fostering collaboration, enhancing productivity, and promoting employee growth within various industries. Her strategic mindset, excellent communication skills, and a proven ability to adapt to dynamic work environments have contributed to managing people and driving organizational excellence.

Acting as a strategic leader to IndiaAshsa(Asha Foundation) she is proficient at providing clear direction, setting objectives, and inspiring teams to achieve their best performance. Her role as a strategic leader is vital in IndiaAsha (Asha Foundation) in achieving the organization's mission and making a positive impact on society. She is involved in guiding the organization's direction, ensuring its sustainability, and effectively addressing the needs of the communities it serves.

Committed towards stakeholder Engagement, she is involved in Building and maintaining strong relationships with donors, volunteers, beneficiaries, and other stakeholders to ensure support and resources for the NGO's initiatives. Involved in fundraising and resource mobilization, she is capable to Identify and pursue diverse funding sources, such as grants, donations, and partnerships, to sustain and expand the organization's work.

As she comes from a multicultural background with exposure to different cultures, she can foster open-mindedness and a willingness to explore new ideas, which helps in leading to greater creativity and adaptability.

She holds a Master’s degree in HR from Annamalai University and is a certified behavioural trainer from Indian Society of Training and Development. Hence, she is Proficient in identifying and nurturing talent with Skilled at helping individuals reach their full potential.

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