Our Mission

“Empower the individuals to build better nation”

Our Story

IndiaAsha (Asha Foundation) is a non profit organization that actively promotes education, civic duties, healthcare, sustainable livelihood, and other social causes since 2001. With our vast experience & deep local expertise, our projects address critical issues affecting India in the 21st century like economic development, women’s empowerment, environment, education, and personality development. This non-profit organization has passionately served 7 Lakhs + children and moving ahead with a stronger force and enhance vision!

Our objective is to contribute towards economic development, capacity building, social and physical well-being of people in need.

SHARP: to support underprivileged children with Learning disability issues.

Promote Health wellness programs.

Promote Literature/ art-related activities.

Encourage individuals to be responsible and active citizens by providing soft-skill Development.

Future Goals and Vision

Services we offer:

Career guidance & career counseling.

Counseling for good parenting.

Soft skills development courses.

SHARP – School & Home Applicable Remedial Program for kids , facing learning differences.

Social Activities.

Health Care

Building AIDS awareness campaign
Blood Donation Camp
Nutrition awareness Campaign

Civic Duties

Encouragement for enrolling as Voter for all eligible voters

Encouragement for actual voting (at local as well as national level)

Building awareness in public for “government servants” being public servants and making them accountable for their responsibilities.

Building awareness in public that government properties are built using public Tax money and making people use government properties as “their own properties” (with proper care). Not to destroy the properties, etc.

Promoting “I may end up giving bribes, BUT I WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY BRIBES”. indiaAsha believe by doing so, at least one person is now “no longer can be corrupt”.

Promoting impact of environment of daily life and promoting perseverance of environment.

List goes on… so many ideas!

We already have a small team of dedicated volunteers for this. With the help of local volunteers, we plan to expand the concept through out India. We are looking to grow and help communities.

We need your help – Money and Time. Even if you can donate just a tiny part of your income, it will have a huge impact!

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Our Sponsors

Join hands with indiaAsha(Asha Foundation) and help a child to discover the joy of learning !


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