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Sanjeev Dahiwadkar is proud ghati businessman (having no family history of running a business yet has built a very successful story by learning in an unconventional way). Sanjeev is an established entrepreneur and an expert in the design and delivery of cost-effective, scalable, secured and high-performance technology applications and infrastructures to address complex business problems He is highly sought after for his ability to deploy products; from Minimal Viable products to complex global solutions. He has developed numerous products, including WipeOut® (data destruction policy compliance tool), RxOffice® (a workflow solution that enables companies to run their day-to-day operation more efficiently and economically), a crises management collaborative platform, a healthcare stakeholders’ community eco system, a non-performing asset management application, an anti-money laundering compliance solution, and systems for risk management, regulatory compliance, project management, field services, remote patient monitoring and hundreds more others.

Sanjeev have built many companies during the last 21 years with minimal, self-funded, capital that have grown organically. His successful entrepreneurial efforts are due to his experience in team building, on-time quality deliverables within a budget and “results are the bottom line” mentality.

Sanjeev also has led ITShastra (India) Pvt. Ltd., a global IT services provider and Center of Excellence, from its inception in 2001. With more than 20 years and 4 million hours worked on several hundred projects and products by highly motivated team of experts, the company has helped many companies across the globe navigate their digital transformation journey with preciseness and agility.

Additionally, since 2016, Sanjeev has actively managed Cognota Healthcare Pvt Ltd., a healthcare technology company that focuses on remote patient monitoring technologies, secured tele-consulting integrated with the CognoHealth platform which brings all healthcare service providers, such as hospitals, doctors, labs, pharmacies, health insurance companies, under one roof.

While he was founder, CEO and Chairman of the Board at IndiSoft (2005-2021), Sanjeev led the company in 1,500 percent growth. This accomplishment was recognized by Inc. magazine, which listed IndiSoft in its fastest 500|5000 growing companies for FIVE consecutive years. In addition to its growth, under his leadership, IndiSoft played a key strategic partner role with HLP since its inception in 2009 during the Great Recession with the goal of finding a better way to serve homeowners at risk of foreclosure. Using IndiSoft RxOffice® technology, HLP was able to help 754,091 homeowners with collective mortgages of $166.9 billion. IndiSoft’s technology that powered the HLP platform, was adapted by 19 of the top 20 mortgage servicers, serving more than 80 percent of the residential mortgages, along with thousands of HUD certified counselors across the U.S.. the platform connected GSE, servicers, housing counselors, state agencies, private mortgage insurers and other stakeholders under one secured and collaborative eco-system.

In 1999, Sanjeev co-founded MSTD, a software development firm focused on default service processes. The company was acquired by LandAmerica Financial Group (NYSC: LFG) in 2006. As a partner of MSTD, he spearheaded the development of the loss mitigation product, BackInTheBlack®, first of its kind technology that provided an objective way of managing loss mitigation risk solution. The technology reduce the dependency on specialized human talent associated with various loan types in the default servicing industry while increasing investor/insurer compliance and finding a win-win solution to address the mortgage risk.

Sanjeev has authored several professional articles in the mortgage, healthcare, data security, technology and other industries. In addition, a renowned publishing house in India has published his books on self-help, business management and he has authored several fiction stories. There have also been few books written about his career as an inspiration to the young people.

Additionally, Sanjeev started the India Asha Foundation in 2000, a non-profit organization focused in promoting opportunities with the under-privileged. indiaAsha provides the access and tools for individual to be their best; to become someone! So far, organization have touched more than 725,000 lives in past 20 years. Projects range from children in elementary schools to college students. Sanjeev also helped raise money to help victims of the earthquake in Haiti, Nepal and the earthquake, tsunami in Japan and many other causes.

Sanjeev earned a Master of Computer Science from University of Pune, India

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